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Our specimen collection & handling kit and real-time PCR kit are available for a reliable diagnosis of COVID-19.


HBV-HCV-HIV Real-Time PCR Kits is an in vitro nucleic acid amplification assay for the quantification of viruses human serum or plasma.


Genetic testing can help decide the most effective course of treatment for a patient, identify family members at risk and provide other important diagnostic and prognostic information.

Testing in Clinical and Public Health Laboratories

Molecular diagnostic testing combines laboratory testing with the precision of molecular biology and has revolutionized the way clinical and public health laboratories investigate the human, viral, and microbial genomes, their genes, and the products they encode.

Molecular diagnostic tests are increasingly being used, and have supplanted numerous conventional tests, in many areas of laboratory medicine including oncology, infectious diseases, clinical chemistry, and clinical genetics.

RNA extraction

RNA extraction solutions

Given the current public health emergency with COVID-19, we are facing unprecedented demand for viral RNA isolation solutions. Morzonscience has developed dedicated solutions for viral RNA isolation that have been optimized for maximum sensitivity and reproducibility.

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Specific combinations of chemistries that allow customers to carry out laboratory tests in the fields of cell biology; DNA, RNA and protein analysis; drug development; human identification; and molecular diagnostics.

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