Gene Expression Human qPCR Kit

Gene Expression Human qPCR Kit

  1. General Details

    Denome prediction algorithm uses the expression of a minimum number of essential genes (Denome Core Genes) to predict expression levels of 8000 genes with over 90% accuracy. Denome qPCR kit comes with a series of gene primers specific to quantify Denome Core Genes, which researchers will use to set up and run reactions in their existing RT-qPCR machines. After which, they can upload the raw data to cloud-based secured servers to be analyzed by Denome prediction algorithm. Results will be delivered to the researcher with expression data of 8000 genes, including publication-quality volcano plots, heatmaps, and gene ontology analysis within 24 hours, unlike an RNA-seq experiment which generally takes 3-4 weeks and also requires specialized technical skills and tedious bioinformatics analysis.

    8000 gene list

    The Denome Human qPCR kit is designed to quantify core genes that are required for Denome gene amplification algorithm. The kit contains a set of oligonucleotide primers developed for SYBR Green based qPCR detection.

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